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Zoning & Code Enforcement

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To view the Borough Code of Ordinances and Borough Council Resolutions, click here.

To view a list of Edinboro area contractors, by type of service provided, click here.

Borough of Edinboro Permits


A Zoning Permit and Building Permit may be required for work you are planning.  Please review the Building Requirements and Permit Guide at the below links. 

1.  CLICK HERE to view the Building Requirements.

2.  To view a guide on when a permit is needed in the Borough CLICK HERE.


A Rental License is issued for the purpose of allowing a property to be used as a rental.  The Borough enforces the Property Maintenance Code by Ordinance.  All new rentals must be inspected prior to the issuance of an occupancy license.  Important documents relating to rentals are available by selecting links below. 

NOTES:   A Mechanical Safety Checklist (MSCL) is due each year by Dec. 1st.

               Rental inspections are due, at a minimum, of every 2 years.

               Tenant Lists are due each time there is a change in a unit’s tenancy.

1.  CLICK HERE to view a checklist of items to review before your rental inspection.

2.  To update your Tenant List, CLICK HERE for the fillable form.

3.  CLICK HERE for the MSCL for a single unit inspection.

4.  For the MSCL for a multi-unit property, CLICK HERE.

To apply for a Rental License, submit these forms: SINGLE UNIT // MULTI UNIT

A Certificate of Occupancy is required prior to the occupancy or use of any vacant land and/or prior to the use or occupancy of any structure that has been constructed, reconstructed, moved, altered, or enlarged.  This is issued after all building inspections have been completed for the permitted work.

Other Items:

Request a Zoning Change

Act 72 Affidavit of Exemption - Workers' Comp Insurance

Request to appear before the Zoning Hearing Board

Apply for an Event Permit or Road Closure

Conditional Use Permit

Zoning Map

CLICK HERE to view the map.  Please note that this map is for general zoning information. The actual zoning usage and restrictions for a particular parcel should be obtained by contacting the Zoning Office.

Application Forms

Snow Plowing

To ensure proper snow plowing methods are used, anyone who plows snow in the Borough is required to register with the Zoning office.  There is no charge for this registration; it is simply so the Borough knows who to contact if there is a plowing violation at a particular location.  To register, please download this form and submit to the Borough office. The proper plowing method is shown in this image.

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