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Code of Ordinances:

Our code of ordinances is now available online in a fully searchable format!  Please click the below image to view our code on the eCode360 system.  New ordinances will be included in this system with an annual update.

New Ordinances: 

Ordinance 627 - short-term rental regulations

Ordinance 628 - short-term rental zoning

Ordinance 629 - Erie Street parking

Ordinance 630 - speed limits

Ordinance 631 - Neighborhood Electric Vehicles

Ordinance 632 - remove burning regulations

Ordinance 633 - new burning regulations

About Ordinances:


Ordinances are local laws.  They usually regulate persons or property and usually relate to a matter of general and permanent nature.  Ordinances must be approved by vote of Council.  Some ordinances require a public hearing be held prior to consideration.

Ordinances will be incorporated into the Borough Code annually.  Ordinances approved by Council since the most recent annual update supersede the referenced section(s) of the code, and these ordinances will be incorporated into the code during the next update.


​About Resolutions:

A resolution is a formal expression of opinion, intent, or policy by Borough Council.  They are typically considered temporary in nature, since a resolution can be approved or repealed with a single vote of Council.  Resolutions do not require formal advertisement or hearings, unlike ordinances.  Examples of subject matter for Council resolutions include approval of the disposition of records, a workplace policy or manual, or fees to be charged by the Borough.

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