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​Borough Taxes

Real Estate Tax
  • 4.50 mills for General Purpose

    • Equates to $450 per $100,000 of assessed property value

  • Homestead Exemption available to active, residential home owners (more info)

    • Reduces assessed property value by up to $50,000 for taxing purposes


Earned Income Tax

  • 1.5% of income for Borough residents

    • 1.0% for Borough and 0.5% for General McLane School District (GMSD)


Local Services Tax

  • $1 per week worked in the Borough ($52/year)

    • $5 for GMSD and balance to Borough

  • To be used for emergency services (police and fire)

Real Estate Transfer Tax

  • 1.5% of property transfers within the Borough

    • 1.0% for Borough and 0.5% for GMSD

Tax Collection

Real Estate Tax Collector

Office open March 1 - November 1

Call to schedule an appointment:

Rhonda Walker

P.O. Box 374

Edinboro, PA 16412


Earned Income Tax &

Local Service Tax Collector

Berkheimer Tax Administrator

3608 West 26th Street

Suite 202

Erie, PA 16506


814-838-0751 (fax)

Homestead Act

       Since 2008, the Borough of Edinboro has allowed a $50,000 Homestead Exemption for residential home owners.

       The Exemption is applied to the property value before property tax is computed.  You are not guaranteed a Homestead Exemption unless and until you apply and receive active status from the tax assessor.  The application must be signed by an owner for whom the property is his or her primary residence.  If the property has more than one owner, signatures of additional owners are not required. 

       Applications must be in to the Assessment Office by March 1 the following tax year.  Only a primary residence of an owner of the property may receive the Homestead Exemption.  This is where you intend to reside permanently.  You may be asked to provide proof that this property is your primary residence, such as your driver's license, your voter registration card, your personal income tax form, or your local earned income tax form.  If you claim another state as your primary residence, or another county in PA, the Homestead Exemption can only be claimed once.  If you claim another property as a primary residence or if you receive a Homestead tax abatement or other Homestead benefit from any other county or state, you can not claim it here.

       When you have any changes in use, the property no longer qualifies for the Homestead Exemption.  Property owners must notify the assessor within 45 days of the change in use.  If the use of your property changes and you are not sure if it still qualifies for the Homestead Exemption, you should contact the Assessment Office at 814-451-6225.


Click an icon below to view a PDF of the Borough budget.  Contact Jason Spangenberg if you would like more information.

Audit Reports

Click an icon below to view a PDF of the Borough audit report.  Contact Jason Spangenberg if you would like more information.
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