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Water Superintendent

Chris Motter

814-734-1812 x 146

Accounts Receivable & Utilities Clerk

Lindsay Lewis

814-734-1812 x 138

To sign up for the Automatic Withdrawal payment option, click here to download this application, and return the completed application to our office.

To learn about our water rules and regulations, please click here.

To view the annual Water Quality Report, click here.


Wastewater Superintendent

Brian Osborn

814-734-1812 x 129

Assistant Wastewater Superintendent

Aaron Burt

814-734-1812 x 160

Edinboro Sewage Treatment Plant

301 Water Street Ext.
Edinboro, PA  16412
Phone:  814-734-1812 option 9
Fax:  814-734-4492

For information about the sewage treatment plant and the sewage treatment process, please click here.

Moving or Selling?

Please fill out this contact form if you are:

  • Moving into the Borough and need to set up a utility account

  • Moving out of or within Borough and need to close or transfer your utility account

  • Selling a property and need to close your utility account

    • Please include a closing date in the "additional information" field, as well as any other information you  may have concerning the buyer or the attorney's office involved with the sale!

IMPORTANT!  If you are selling a property, you MUST have a Sanitary Sewer Inspection completed before the closing.  Please click here to download the SSI application.  Once complete, please submit the application, along with payment, to the Borough office.

Success! Message sent.

Water Meter Backflow Preventer


Borough Ordinance 26-104-11-2 requires that our water customers change their Dual Check Device (Backflow Preventer) once every five (5) years as per the manufacturer's recommendation.  This requirement helps protect our customers from possible waterborne contamination in their drinking water.


Replacement is to be performed in accordance with a replacement schedule. Residents will be notified the month prior to their scheduled replacement date. In order to ensure that the proper replacement interval is maintained, customers are asked to replace the device within 60 days of their individual customer notification letter from Borough of Edinboro.

The Dual Check Devices are available at Borough Office during regular business hours and they are sold at cost.  The Borough will not be responsible for replacing the device.  For verification of replacement, the resident must return the old device to the Borough office during regular business hours.  Installation diagrams and instructions are available at the Borough Building. Installation of the Dual Check Device can easily be accomplished by the majority of mechanically inclined residents.  A list of local plumbers is also available at the Borough office.  If you use a plumber, be sure that the plumber leaves you the old Dual Check Device so that you can turn it in at the Borough Building for credit.

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